10 September 2002

i was switching through stations last night when i came to ktu. i stopped because i heard the lyrics, "remember after the fire, after all the rain, i will be the flame." sung by a woman. to a dance beat. apparently, this is the second volley in the reinterpretation of 80s power ballads into 00s dancefloor fillers (and, in the case of dj sammy's "heaven," back into 80s power ballads ("the candlelight remix.")) the singer is erin hamilton who, believe it or not, is carol burnett's daughter. her first single was a cover of "dream weaver" (!), but her album has been around for two years now. the "heaven" effect, then, is apparently quite similar to the strokes effect -- everything old is new again, e.g. garage rock, veni vedi vicious.

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