21 May 2006

what are you doing here on a sunday?

well, this is for you.

richard hawley - "some candy talking" (from the best of 86/06 cd, available w/ the june issue of q.)

this track, from vs&l's favorite person, was recorded exclusively for a compilation of covers of the "best songs" released between 1986 & 2006, free w/ this month's q.

i wonder what the brothers reid would think of this? richard seems to have reverence for the song qua song, the chords & stuff; he reaches into his gig bag and pulls out a classy solo & a string section. it's excellent stuff, all the more so b/c i don't really care for the jamc version. the voice is on fine display, richard sounding like both his voice & the creases in his forehead have deepened since coles corner. in the moviegoer, binx bolling says of another character, "it would be a pleasure to be red-eyed and rumpled" if one could do it w/ his style--i'd say the same of richard.

the tracklisting for the compilation :

1 franz ferdinand - "what you waiting for?"
2 sugababes - "i bet you look good on the dancefloor"
3 the flaming lips - "can’t get you out of my head"
4 corinne bailey rae - "venus as a boy"
5 elbow - "august and september"
6 richard hawley - "some candy talking"
7 editors - "orange crush"
8 the delays - "the sun always shines on tv"
9 jack johnson - "the 3 r's (the magic number)"
10 paul anka - "wonderwall"
11 jamie cullum - "lover, you should've come over"
12 nick cave - "disco 2000"
13 the magic numbers - "there is a light that never goes out"
14 travis - "... baby one more time"

... oh, and one they didn't have room for on the comp, and b/c i don't have enough enemies :

the divine comedy - "party fears two"
(from the victory for the comic muse lp, released june 19, import available for preorder here.)

yes. this is exactly what you think it is. also, it probably sounds exactly as you think it does. is billy mackenzie in heaven? or is he spinning in his grave? what's more, will you like it? that depends on how you feel about evelyn waugh--and neil hannon, for that matter.

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Anonymous said...

Guess Billy Mackenzie isn't spinning in his grave cos' he didn't like "Party Fears Two" anyway, a track that was 90% Alan Rankine's.