07 May 2006

(edit : robert forster speaks in two articles in the australian. "the go-betweens have made their final album. they have played their final show. we let it rest at that, being very proud of what we have done.")

... and if the news, and the songs, haven't broken your heart yet, there's this, some context for his death :
THE death on Saturday of Grant McLennan, one half of the songwriting duo from the veteran Australian group the Go-Betweens, came as McLennan was, according to a former band mate, Lindy Morrison, "peaking" professionally and personally. ... An international tour last year had culminated in a specially commissioned show as part of the Sydney Festival. And last month the band's new record company, EMI, had bought the entire back catalogue of the Go-Betweens, McLennan and Robert Forster, providing a rare moment of financial security.

Amidst this good news, an exuberant McLennan was highly active last week in Brisbane, attending gigs and film screenings, and a large party (
edit : a housewarming party) was planned for Saturday night. However, during the afternoon, while preparing for the party, McLennan complained of feeling unwell and went to lie down.

He was found some time later, having apparently died in his sleep, aged 48.
you know, morrissey, whom i love, but who, let's be fair, complains a whole hell of a lot when his lot in life comparatively speaking has been so much better, will probably live into his 90s.

here is the tribute thread to grant on the band's official website. a cursory glance shows friends & fans like norman blake of teenage fanclub, duglas t. stewart of bmx bandits, tobi vail of bikini kill, and bill inglot, who has probably mastered all of your favorite records, expressing their grief & condolences.

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