19 May 2006

[edit : i really need to edit. and not just the punctuation & grammar neither.]

decoration - "pine" (from the don't disappoint me now lp, import available for purchase here.)

i heard this wonderful song on a great compilation of what's brewing in the uk underground, called the new british invasion, which also features tracks from vs&l favorites like the rumble strips, the pipettes & the harrisons, along w/ future favorites like lucky soul, keith, the sequins, this et al & the lodger.

"pine" holds its own against any of those mighty groups, sounding for all the world like your older brother's or hip uncle's peel-approved indie ca. 1986 (indeed, decoration did a peel session seven months before the great man passed). for starters, the lead singer sounds like david gedge, only grabbing the song by the balls like martin fry of abc.

what's more, an alternate title for the song might be "chime," 'cause that's what the guitars do, in one of those upward sweeps that takes you & your heart along w/ it. but, no, "pine" works best b/c it's a play on the words. the chorus, paying magnificent attention to detail, goes :
who knows, who knows, i might never have found you, touching your toes / in the alpine section of the garden centre, where anything grows ...
i once asked a friend, "where does anyone find anyone else these days?" the answer has become clear to me : everywhere, and usu. when you're not expecting it.

one might just say the same of decoration & "pine."


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