05 September 2006

(arctic monkeys won the mercury prize. i was hoping they were like the obvious answer on a standardized test that the testmakers want you to choose instinctively. alas, they were the right answer. richard hawley shoulda won, even alex turner thought so; (listen) to this & tell me he shouldn't have. ok, that track isn't from from coles corner, but you should know that he has other records, too, that you should (buy). it's about the rain, like so many hawley songs, and soothes like the here & there of your windshield wipers on a late summer early a.m. no one does this type of song as well as him--except maybe the clientele, who i'm seeing tonight at the knit. maybe they'll do "rain." i don't know what to expect since they have few, as i see it, definitive songs. every fan has v. different favorites, as w/ will oldham or the fall.)

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fred said...

for the curious, they performed: "e.m.p.t.y.," "we could walk together," "isn't it strange" (new), "since k got over me," "saturday," "lonely, lonely day" (new), "winter on victoria st." (new), "the phantom" (new), "lamplight," "my own face inside the trees," "joseph cornell," "i had to say this," "disco song" (new). encores : "the fire" (television cover), "what goes up."

it would seem, w/ one token selection from it, that they don't think much of the violet hour--which was good b/c neither do i. new ones were v. good, esp. "disco song" & "the phantom," the latter sounding like the monkees. mel is v. pretty. alasdair really loves his axe. a great show even if they didn't play my three favorites from suburban light.