11 February 2004

shuffle!: in which i set my cd... machine on random and tell it to do its worst, as i attempt the same here.

guns 'n' roses, "mr. brownstone": did g'n'r officially use two apostrophes in its name? or did it go the route of the less grammatically-correct single? well, as axl might say, grammar be damned. my first encounter with "mr. brownstone," by which i mean the song -- haven't i already annoyed the hell out of you with my non-substance policy?

so, "mr. brownstone." i was... 11. my best friend's older brother owned the record. "mr. brownstone" became a sort of code, if it wasn't already. what it signified was not necessarily heroin (?), but being badass. that is, until his mother broke the record in half when she saw the artwork. God knows what she would have made of the music itself. after that, the older brother turned to ozzy, who apparently was more palatable to mom. hm. as i say this, the record has ended -- yes, now you realize how long it takes me to come up with this material. what's playing now is the pet shop boys' "se a vida e." did you know that axl is a fan?

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