26 September 2004

that, indeed, what i want to do here is to do this for me. i've always had this notion that there is this "audience" out there, composed of i don't know whom -- well, maybe not, i can always guess a few of you who are around to poke the corpse with a stick. does that sound terrible? it does, doesn't it. i don't mean it that way at all: in fact, i love youze guys -- and if there are girls among you, i love you MORE. despite the fact that i don't ever do anything to see how you all are doing. i do think about you and the thoughts are always quite fond and tender.

so, with all those beautiful sentiments related, what i'm saying is that i don't care if people are reading this. i don't can if people AREN'T. what my new formulation is for 'vain, selfish & lazy' is exactly that: vain, selfish & lazy. well, perhaps less of the "lazy." so, no more lists. no more countdowns. but more unfinished fragments. HOORAY.

or should that be "boo"?

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