22 March 2004

maybe i've been reading too much edward said lately, but i feel as if, as an american, i cannot really comment on the new streets single, "fit but you know it." which is, of course, quite different from saying that i won't. if i wasn't feeling like enough of an outsider, complicating matters is the fact that "fit" sounds like something overheard, like a conversation one is privy to while waiting for a drink, an especially compelling conversation given its musical underpinning. my first reaction was: "OI!" after further consideration, it seems as if skinner is becoming something of the son and heir, with all apologies to baxter, to ian dury, that pre-rap rapper and, regretfully, no longer living embodiment of a specifically british musical and cultural tradition, at least to this yank. or perhaps, after the backstage contretemps between mike and damon, it's just a "parklife" pisstake. a wicked tune, regardless of tis origin, what it means, and what it bodes for the full-length.

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