14 January 2003

mixtape never sent.
1. cliff nobles & co., "the horse" (from beg, scream & shout: the big ol' box of 60s soul boxed set, orig. 1968.)
2. tim buckley, "song for jainie" (from tim buckley lp, 1966.)
3. left banke, "i've got something on my mind" (from walk away renee/pretty ballerina lp, 1967.)
4. dukes of stratosphear, "vanishing girl" (from chips from the chocolate fireball compilation, orig. 1987.)
5. stone roses, "she bangs the drums" (from the stone roses lp, 1989.)
6. pixies, "winterlong" (from complete b-sides compilation, 1989.)
7. orange juice, "louise, louise" (from rip it up lp, 1982.)
8. louis armstrong, "we have all the time in the world" (from the best of james bond: 30th anniversary compilation, orig. 1969.)
9. roxy music, "oh yeah" (from flesh & blood lp, 1980.)
10. new order, "temptation" (from substance compilation, orig. 1982.)
11. johnny cash, "no expectations" (from the essential johnny cash: 1955-1983 compilation, orig. 1978.)
12. howard tate, "girl from the north country" (from howard tate lp, 1972.)
13. bob dylan, "the man in me" (from new morning lp, 1970.)
14. clarence carter, "too weak to fight" (from snatchin' it back compilation, orig. 1968.)
15. teenage fanclub, "neil jung" (from grand prix lp, 1995.)
16. morrissey & siouxsie sioux, "interlude" (from suedehead: the best of morrissey compilation, orig. 1994.)
17. elvis costello & the attractions, "party girl" (from armed forces lp, 1979.)
18. scott walker, "all my love's laughter" (from any day now lp, 1973.)
19. bobby darin, "back street girl" (from moods/swing: the best of the atlantic years: 1966-67 compilation, orig. 1967.)
20. frank sinatra, "i thought about you" (from songs for swingin' lovers! lp, 1955.)
21. pulp, "like a friend" (from great expectations original soundtrack, 1998.)

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