07 November 2002

i just saw a commercial for fsad. that's "female sexual arousal disorder," when a woman is unable to achieve or maintain, yes, sexual arousal. (like the germans, american society is slowly coming up with a name for everything.) the commercial wasn't really catchy, though. it was just a bunch of multi-culti women in front of a colorful background -- and no, there wasn't any morphing whatsoever. also: no images of happy couples out experiencing life, free of crippling dysfunction or of people looking at themselves in mirrors with a palpable sense of smug self-satisfaction. worst of all, it lacked a clever tagline. two suggestions:
fsad: he's not the only one who can't "get it up."
fsad: because maybe you really do have a headache.

though i expect the mass-mailers out there to come up with something far more clever.

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