12 August 2002

i was watching m2 earlier and i saw the video for aimee allen's "i'd start a revolution."
what's good:
she looks like joan jett by way of angelina jolie.
what's bad:
she sounds like pat benatar by way of limp bizkit.
what's good:
the full song title, "i'd start a revolution (if i could just get out of bed)."
what's bad:
blink-182 show up in the video; as does that guy from orgy. not from a particular orgy, but from the band of that name. do people still remember them? they did a remake of "blue monday"? they have mishandled hair? it wouldn't surprised me if they've slipped our collective mind: my nephews don't know who pearl jam is, and i likes it that way.
and also:
she raps.

it seems rap-rock now has its female voice. to the world's detriment, it's not lisa lopes.

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